Not long ago, I wrote this linkpost as an extenion of or response to Manu’s post. Since then, The Browser Company seems to be going through a bit of a mid-life crisis. They’ve decided to unship some features that I use often, like Notes. I’m all for refining your product, but it seems as though this is more of a pivot they’re not yet sure how to make. I’ll keep watching from the sidelines to see what comes of Arc on MacOS and Arc Search on iOS, but that’s about the extent of my engagement. I’m no longer using Arc as my default browser on either one. I’m back to Safari and enjoying it.

Ironically, Manu and I shared a laugh the other day when we saw that The Browser Company is launching a miniseries on their YouTube channel titled We Might Not Make It and in the teaser they feature his post:

Manu’s rant makes an appearance.Manu’s rant makes an appearance.

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2024 Mar·24

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