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Ever since I left Twitter, I’ve been torn. I knew when I left I was done with social” media. I didn’t replace Twitter with Mastodon or Threads or both. I don’t care to consume information in that form anymore. I did, however, miss the ability to post a quick blurb or thought that may be valuable to someone else or to future me.

These are things that haven’t, and may never, marinate in my brain to the point that a blog post will be written. They’re not just writing ideas. Many folks call them micro blogs. Some of those same people post them to a service like I think it’s awesome that exists, but I had no interest in spreading my micro posts or thoughts to another service. I’ve grown to embrace the everything is a plain text file mantra that Blot fosters. So… I created my own Micro.blot? I call them fleets and you can view them by clicking the balloon icon in the navigation bar of my site. You can also just visit or bookmark them here.

I can post them very quickly with either a shortcut I built or by sending a text message 1. Yes, good old SMS to the rescue. Why both? Well when I’m driving, it’s pretty easy to invoke Siri via CarPlay to send a text. I’d argue it’s easier than using the shortcut, though I know that could be made to work too. Messages is one of my most used apps throughout the day, so I figured why not make a way to write fleets I have floating around in my brain while I’m there.

They won’t appear on the front page of the blog, nor in the list of posts on the site index. They won’t appear in the RSS feed. In fact, you can’t subscribe to them in any way. They’re just something to stumble upon, or browse occassionally. They aren’t social”. They don’t appear in any algorithum ranked flow of information. They’re slow. They’re small. They scratched an itch.

  1. More on the shortcut is written here.↩︎

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