A rant on ARC Search

I agree with some of the points that Manu makes with regard to AI, generally speaking. Seeing it injected with force into every app, experience and product is an uneasy feeling and I am personally taking a slower approach with it in many instances.

I am, however, using Arc by The Browser Company on macOS and trying out Arc Search on iOS. The nuance I’ll add to Manu’s points is that I’m using Arc Search, but rarely using the Browse for me” feature that’s the selling feature of the mobile browser. I use it only when I want to intentionally allow the AI to gather the 6 pages and bring me back the summation. My default is still to allow the standard search results to render and I make my way through the entirety of the web if so desired.

Arc on the desktop has a suite of features that I enjoy that are not yet part of the Arc Search app. My hunch is that Arc Search will eventually just become Arc and many of the desktop features will come to the mobile variant and vice versa. I think I even heard Josh say as much on the launch video for Arc Search.

In order to not become jaded by the portions of the feature I am cautiously skeptical about, I’m trying to focus on Arc Search as Arc and the Browse for me” feature as a separate optional function. Hopefully The Browser Company continues to allow users of its product to maintain that boundary.

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2024 Feb·08

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