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[Shortcuts] posts are to share shortcuts and tips for those that use Apple’s Shortcuts app on iOS|iPadOS|macOS. You can view all posts tagged shortcuts and I maintain a page focused on writing workflow shortcuts. These posts do not appear in the RSS feed for the site.

My default brower on macOS has been Arc for many months now. With the recent release of Arc Search on iOS, I now find myself using a non-Safari default browser, but needing to sometimes open a page in Safari. This is normally to take advantage of being able to run other shortcuts that depend on Safari integrations or shortcut actions that don’t exist in Arc.

After hacking around for a bit, I managed to merge bits of two shortcuts I found in Reddit comments to make a single shortcut that works on both macOS and iOS to take the current page and open it in Safari. On iOS, just invoke the Share Sheet and choose this shortcut (I’ve pinned it to the top of my Shortcut actions in the Share Sheet for ease of use). On macOS, just use the Share function in Arc (or Chrome) and choose Shortcuts and then select it.

I wish this wasn’t necessary and Arc would build in the menu option to open the link in Safari like Firefox Focus does, but until then, this works.

Open in Safari | Shortcut Download

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2024 Feb·07

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