I was so inspired by Manu’s guestbook that I set out to create one of my own.

I wanted to keep the setup really simple. My site runs on one of the many awesome static site platforms (Blot), which did limit options a bit. In searching around, I found the web3forms. It’s a dead simple way to create a form on a static site, that will email you the entry. It even allows for custom redirect values when the form is submitted.

My flow looks something like this:

  1. Visitor fills out the guestbook entry form on my site.
  2. Email with the entry info comes to me.
  3. I review to ensure it’s not spam or someone being a jerk.
  4. I forward the email to IFTTT with a tag in the subject line.
  5. A IFTTT applet uses the email as a trigger and then appends the guestbook entry to the Markdown file that serves as my guestbook page.

That’s it! I wanted soemthing simple enough to receive, review and than forward in email without having to pull up and update the Markdown file by hand regularly. This flow works well within a simple framework and I’m pleased to have it live on the site. Please do sign it sometime.

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2024 Mar·12

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