A Life Item Inventory

Uses pages are awesome. You see them all around the web, especially the indie blog scene. I’ve had an itch to create my own ever since creating my Now page. Recently, I received a lovely email from Pete Moore. Upon taking a look at his site, I found his Uses page. What a gem it is. After being impressed by the aesthetic he has going on with the page, photography and the curated items he has in his life, I found the itch growing to join the club.

The ironic thing about starting a uses page is that it literally forces you to take inventory of items in your life. I always joke that if I didn’t have six children, I’d be more of a practicing minimalist. Documenting the things that I have in my home office and coffee equipment has me asking myself if the items belong in my life. I regularly perform decluttering exercises, and regularly write about them here. I think now, the updating of my uses page will serve as a moment of review, reflection and recommitment to not having things in my life that don’t serve a purpose.

The other nice thing about finally creating a uses page is that I’m further along the path of my submission to the awesome Workspaces newsletter. Ryan has been an internet friend” for a long time and I can’t wait to have my space highlighted there.

While it will take some time to get it fully updated, I published what I had as a starting point today. You can access it from the links above, or from the nav link on my About page under the header image.

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2024 Mar·31

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