This page is an overview of things I currently use. I will update it on a semi-frequent basis as items come in or out of use. I may keep a log at the bottom of used to use” with a note on why it was replaced or retired.

Furniture & Accessories

  • Varidesk 48” Sit|Stand desk (discontinued model with the crossbar, which makes it super stable even fully raised)
  • Sleekform kneeling chair (this was the only one I found that supported taller folks like myself; I’m 6’3)
  • Wobble balance board
  • Eames Loungers (2) in white leather with walnut finish (these are replicas, but I did my research and have been extremely happy with the quality)
  • MagFlött iPad Stand

Hardware & Peripherals

  • M2 MacBook Air
  • M2 MacBook Pro (work-issued)
  • Keychron K6 mechanical keyboard1
  • Apple Magic Trackpad
  • Logi Lift vertical mouse
  • Logi MX Brio webcam2
  • Logi Litra3
  • Apple Pencil (gen 2)
  • 11” iPad Pro (2018)


I’ll populate this section soon, but my App Defaults post is still current.


  • AEG Olympia Traveller de Luxe


  • Fellow Stagg EKG gooseneck kettle
  • Fellow Opus grinder
  • Hario V60 pourover brewer
  • Hario Switch pourover/infusion hybrid brewer
  • Wacaco Picopresso
  • Chemex brewer (for larger gatherings)
  • Delter Cold Drip
  • Aeropress (my travel brewer)
  • Hario hand grinder (for travel)
  • Fellow Atmos vacuum canister (for current beans)
  • Airscape large canister (for unopened beans)
  • Fellow Prismo Aeropress attachment

  1. I modded this myself with matte white paint on the aluminum body panels, sound dampening inside and these keycaps. I still can’t believe what a good deal those keycaps are. I also ordered a custom keycap for the lights” key in the upper right corner. It has my personal logo on it and is made from walnut to match other wood finishes in the space. I had to mod it slightly to sit at the correct angle since they didn’t have the XDA keycap style. Eventually I’ll get a matching set of Mac Command keycaps.↩︎

  2. I had an Opal C1, which was a gorgeous design, but my company wouldn’t approve the companion app for install so I lost out on many of the features once we updated to MacOS Sonoma. Sold it and got this new Logi one that works with an approved configuration app. It’s nice, but I miss looking at the C1 a bit.↩︎

  3. came free with the Logi MX Brio and is useful when working late or during storms to keep light on my face during video calls↩︎