Yahoo Homepage Update

Taylor Hatmaker detailing the Yahoo homepage overhaul on readwrite:

Yahoo homepage cleans up its look with a flatter, more modern design while adding endless scrolling, stealing a page from the social media playbook of sites like Tumblr and Twitter. Yahoo also updated its core apps today to reflect the changes on There is nothing clean about this UI.

It reminds me a lot of the iGoogle personal homepage builder that lets you create panels that will pull in data from various Google properties as well as other sources on the web. Ironically, Google knows this model is dated, because iGoogle is shutting down on November 1, 2013.

Another flaw in the new design is the fact that Flickr is buried under the More Y! Sites” expansion on the left-hand navigation panel. Flickr saw a resurgence in mindshare recently when Instagram made some questionable updates to their Terms of Service. This was timed perfectly for Flickr as they had just launched a much improved iPhone app that provided a viable alternative to the massively popular Instagram. Apparently, shopping for vehicles (Autos) and celebrity news (omg!) are more important to Yahoo than fully leveraging the Flickr brand to be a true competitor in the social photo sharing space.

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2013 Feb·21

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