The Write Kind of Stress

Stress comes in many forms for just about everyone. There is the stress of being a good spouse. The stress of being a good parent. The stress to consistently perform at work. The list goes on. The words that you’re reading right now are a form of stress. The difference is that they represent the write” kind of stress in my life.

Many days go by without a post appearing on this site. Very seldom is this due to a lack of ideas on things to write about. I have a growing directory of half-written posts. Some will never get finished because they were relevant at a point in time, but are irrelevant at the time I get back to them. One such example is my partially written post that highlighted my favorite tech” items of 2012. Publishing a post like that at the end of February 2013 would make me look like a procrastinator (not a complete misrepresentation). Some of the posts are timeless in nature and could be completed and published at any point in the future. What troubles me most, which is just a way of saying what stresses me most, is that there are many more posts in the partial state than in the published state.

My hope is that by identifying the various forms of stress in one’s life, it provides the opportunity to turn negative stress into positive stress. Positive stress is often referenced by the much more positive term motivation or inspiration. I want to use my stress from how many hours I put in at work as a driver to write about things I discover that make me more efficient in the work that I do. I want to use my stress from striving to be a good father as the inspiration to share things my children have taught me. While it stresses me out to think that eighteen days have passed since my previous post, publishing this one will provide the needed motivation to continue transforming negative stress into the write” kind of stress.

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2013 Feb·20

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