So Long Social Media

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no stranger to distancing myself from social media platforms. Over the past few years, I’ve written about my thoughts on social. I’ve archived my Instagram account at 500 posts. I haven’t had a Facebook account for over 10 years. Don’t have LinkedIn. Don’t have TikTok. I stopped using Reddit actively a couple years back as well.

Twitter was my hold out. While my posting had dwindled, and I started pruning my timeline back to just the most recent 30 days of tweets, I had no plans to leave it. Then Mr. Musk came and took a shit in the swimming pool.

In some ways, I’m glad he did. Not because I think it is good for the platform, or the world… but because I think it’s exactly what I needed to draw a solid line between me and any social media platform. I have no desire to check out Mastodon. I’m not looking for an outlet or place to occupy my time in a similar way. I’m just done. The time that I’ll get back, I’ll invest in more writing, reading or non-social media forms of leisure. My attention span will thank me. My brain will thank me.

I’m not deleting the accounts. I don’t like the idea of anyone having my usernames after I’ve had them for so long. I may auto-post when I write something to draw interested folks to my writing. I may not… I haven’t really decided. I just know I won’t be logging in, reading any tweets, or posting my own with my own two hands anymore.

I may find a way to use one of my sites for short posts or quick thoughts, but more than likely I’ll just journal them and see which ones turn into something worth writing about in more than a couple hundred characters.

To those I met on the platform, I am truly grateful for the interesting conversations we’ve had. I hope they have a path to continue via email, text or phone calls.

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2022 Dec·17

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