Another year of living without

Manu with another perfectly-timed post for the way I’m thinking of late…

This resonates:

And what is causing all these problems is the internet. Now, I don’t plan to go a year without internet since that’s impossible considering the work I do but I do plan to go a year without consuming internet related entertainment. So no mindless browsing out of boredom, no YouTube videos, no random scrolling on Reddit.

I’ve been creating some systems to deal with this, but Manu’s approach is more simple and therefore likely better.

I’m using the awesome Mailbrew to create digests of internet content I still want to consume that get delivered as brews” or newsletters on a weekly or monthly basis. I’ve uninstalled the Youtube app from my phone and am using an app called one sec to put a barrier between apps/websites and my compulsion to view/open them.

I’ll write up a full post on my tactics and plans for 2023, but intentionality in what I consume, lessening that consumption and repurposing that time for better things is the central theme.

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