Migration Complete

Back in December, I started down the path of combining multiple blogs into one.

I thought it would take much longer, but with the combination of some python scripts to reformat other content management exports and a fair amount of copy/pasting and checking for broken links, internal references, etc. it is done.

The redirects have been set for Tech & Coffee and mnmlist·me to route visitors to Tangible Life. The posts from both of those have been migrated here and are all available in the archive section. I changed my mind about not moving my now page and my newsletter here. Honestly, Blot is really nice to use, so pulling those in was worth the extra time. It meant I got to redesign the ▲ of the Mind header/logo. The old one was awesome, but it didn’t fit this site’s theme, so I fired up Figma and created a v2 that I think feels perfect. This renewed attention on the newsletter even motivated me to finish the back issues for the archive. Those had been locked away in an old Revue export and I’d struggled to finish the effort. The first new issue will go out next week and I’m pretty excited about getting back to it.

Nav links at the top of the site route to the site archive/index (which includes tags/search), an about page, ▲ of the Mind and an RSS link. I may bring a photo gallery in the future. I may offer a dark/light theme toggle (conflicted about if this is really worth the effort with decent auto-darkmode extensions these days).

Now that the under-the-hood work is done, all that’s left is to write. So, write I will.

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