Blairsville Horse

Horse; seven years between photosHorse; seven years between photos

I don’t know this horse’s name. It lives on property at the bottom of a mountain in Blairsville, GA. My parents live at the top of that mountain.

Seven years ago, I took the picture on the left and today I took the picture on the right. The horse gave me the same look as I pulled up alongside the fence and snapped the photo. I have no idea what the last seven years have been like for the horse, but just looking at the two pictures it forced me to take inventory of all the changes and evolutions that have taken place in my own over that span.

Being in the mountains of Blairsville is always reflective for me. There’s something about being away from home and yet feeling at home with nature and familiar people and places to lay my head that just open my mind like the right combination on a lock.

I hope both the horse and I are alive for another random afternoon photo in December 2030. I wonder what life stories we’ll exchange with our momentary lock of the eyes then.

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2023 Dec·28

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