App Defaults

I may be late to the default apps” conversation brought on by the Hemispheric Views podcast, but this post is my contribution. Robb Knight created a great page highlighting other blog posts in the same vein. Manu and Carl posted on their respective blogs, which is how I learned about the craze.

Type App
Mail Client HEY for Domains
Mail Server HEY for Domains
Notes Apple Notes / iA Writer
To-Do Apple Reminders
Photo Shooting iPhone 15 Pro
Photo Management Apple Photos
Calendar Apple Calendar
Cloud File Storage iCloud / Dropbox
RSS Matter
Contacts Apple Contacts
Browser Arc
Chat Apple Messages
Bookmarks mymind & Raindrop
Read It Later Matter
Audiobooks BookPlayer
Book Tracking Oku
Word Processing iA Writer
Spreadsheets Excel
Presentations iA Presenter
Shopping Lists Apple Reminders / Mela
Meal Planning Mela
Budgeting Co-Pilot
News N/A
Music Apple Music
Podcasts Apple Podcasts
Password Management 1Password for Families
Maps Apple Maps
AI Assistant ChatGPT 3.5
Launcher Raycast Pro
Clipboard Manager Raycast Pro
Graphic Design Figma
Palette Manager Sip
Social Media N/A
Package Tracking Parcel
Screenshots CleanShot X
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2023 Dec·21

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