YLW (September 2023)

Monthly follow-up from my Year of Living Without. September was no hot showers.

Taking nothing but cold showers for a month has been one of the most interesting exercises so far this year. Honestly, it may be the best example of why I set out on this journey. No matter whether it was shower #3 or shower #30, each one came with the sudden breathtaking shock of feeling the cold water hit all of the most sensitive receptor areas” of my body. After a minute or two, the shock wears off. You get used to it. I could feel the body heat coming off my body as I soaped up. I could feel it escaping through my head as I washed it. Each and every shower was a short experience of connecting with myself. Each and every shower, I looked forward to October 1st when I would have the comforting warm/hot water instead.

I’d do this again, maybe a few times a year, just for the sake of being comfortable with discomfort. Highly recommend.

October is focused on a few areas. I won’t be having any candy. I won’t be eating any ice cream. This seems like a good way to avoid some of the pre-Halloween temptations. I’ll still have cake (two of my kids have birthdays in October). I’ll also be doing some decluttering around the home and garage.

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