YLW (June 2023)

Monthly follow up from my Year of Living Without.  June was no email newsletters month.

June was a success! I went into Mailbrew weekly and hit the archive all’ button and got a nice little confetti emote each time I cleared the queue. What June has taught me is that I was subscribed to several great newsletters that I can really do without. I also learned that while Mailbrew is an amazing app, it is one I’m going to try to phase out.

The ability to create newsletters from Reddit content (which is a whole other dumpster fire given the API debacle that’s happened over there), RSS feeds, YouTube content, etc. is great, but it also leads me to create more content consumption patterns than what I actually need. I’m moving the 3 newsletters I’d like to keep getting over to Matter. That’s my read-later app of choice, and it integrates with my writing flow. By ceasing use of Mailbrew, I’ll have less places to consume digital content, which seems like a nice step towards additional focus.

July was going to be no hot showers, but I have decided to take July off from the YLW experiment. August will be no hot showers. I’ve maintained not drinking anything other than coffee and water, with two exceptions in June. Still primarily in grayscale mode. Still pooping in the dark. Using July to regroup and maintain the longer-term habits that have been forming feels right.

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