YLW (July 2023)

Monthly follow up from my Year of Living Without.  July was a month of being without a goal of doing without

So July was a month spending time with my family and doing fun summer activities. I realized that some of my previous month exercises are still habits, while others felt like they weren’t as solid (I drank soda 2-3 times, just because I wanted the taste with certian foods). I didn’t shame myself afterwards, I just remembered that July was a more relaxed month in this overall scheme.

August was going to be no hot showers, however, I forgot we were in August and didn’t realize it until after my 2nd hot shower. I’ve decided to make August no online shopping from my phone” month. It’s a little too convenient to buy something on Amazon someitmes when there’s a shopping cart in your pocket all the time. If I want to buy something, I’ll have to make my way to my computer or tablet, open up a web browser and do it the old fashioned way. This may seem like a silly differentiation, since I’m not saying I won’t buy anything online, but I think just the little bit of friction is what I’m actually going for in the process. We’ll see at the end of August how it went.

I’ll also be going back to more strict following of some of the other habits, not that many slipped in July.

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2023 Aug·06

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