YLW (August 2023)

Monthly follow up from my Year of Living Without. August was no online shopping from my phone month

I may try to do another month doing without online shopping, but August was defintely not a success. I likely picked a bad month to try this, since school and after school sports, etc. kicking back up is not the ideal time for a parent of six to be attempting to add friction to online shopping. Getting an order in as quickly as possible for novels for class, soccer cleats that actually fit, etc. needs to happen on the spot, so the phone came out and the items came to the doorstep.

I still think it’s a great idea to attempt to increase the friction of consumption, so I’ll slot this one for another month in the future when it won’t cause chaos in my world to such a high degree.

September has already started with no hot showers, and I can say it’s interesting so far.

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2023 Sep·06

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