YLW (Apr 2023)

Monthly follow up from my Year of Living Without.  April was pooping in the dark month.

April was the first month where I didn’t fail to comply with my goal even once.  Every bowel movement I had in April was sans electronics of any type and was done in the dark, like a gentleman.  I can say that the linked article’s findings and mine were the same.  Using that time to not become distracted by any virtual shit on my phone let me reconnect with the literal shit I was taking.  My sessions were more focused and efficient, and they served as a chance to take inventory of my functions and body.

This habit is one that I’ll stick with for the long term.  I can also confirm that I’ve had no beverages other than coffee and water during the month of April, which has been great.  I’ve reached the plateau with that habit where it’s no longer a moment of pause or temptation when my father-in-law offers me a soda while having a bar-b-que.  I simply say, No thanks, I don’t drink that anymore,” without a moment’s hesitation.

May is no podcasts or audiobooks month.  A bit of shitty timing, given that I have a long commute May 1st–3rd because of an in-person work engagement, but when I thought for a moment about switching the monthly items around so I could listen to podcasts during the trip, I realized that’s exactly the opposite of leaning into discomfort.  I’ll use the time to reflect on things in silence, or enjoy some music playlists that I’ve ignored for a long time, given that podcasts have become my primary driving audio companion.

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