Workspaces 394 - Sean Woolsey

The awesome Workspaces newsletter featured craftsman Sean Woolsey’s workspace. I have been subscribed to Workspaces for a long time, but this workspace floored me in the best way. I was studying the images, wishing I could be standing in this space. I like seeing that someone is making their tech investments as long lasting as Sean. He’s using an Apple Cinema display and the Apple Magic Keyboard with the AA battery tube (both products I’ve owned).

There are so many lovely touches, but my favorite has to be this.

Figured maple bowlFigured maple bowl

I also noticed that Sean’s pen looks like an adaptation on a brass nail setter. The etched grip on a nail setting makes for the perfect texture for a pen grip. The irony that my last linkpost was on the topic of driving the nail to the perfect depth in our life endeavors.

That inspiration wall is amazing. What an amazing space.

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