Severance Office Dance Party

Roxana Hadadi writing at Vulture:

The morning was devoted to the dance number, which Tillman estimates took about 10 takes. Many years in theater definitely prepared me to be able to dance and be open, because I needed to get information from them and that information was in their dance,” he says. The MDR space, which is Gagné’s favorite set inside Lumon for its contrasting tones and geometric lines, comes alive in shades of purple, blue, and pink as Tillman winds across the floor, doing a ʼ60s-style Mod dance with Helly, soldier-marching with Mark, and getting down with Irv. (Among the takes that didn’t make the final cut were the Bump with Mark and a little Snake with John Turturro,” Tillman says.)

Easily my favorite scene in the show’s spectacular first season.

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2022 Apr·25

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