Oh What To Do

I’ve expressed before how alluring a new app or beta testing experience can be. I’ve gotten better at this, but there’s just something about kicking the tires on a new app that tickles some part of my brain.

I saw that the new Superlist app is out and there was a nice write up over at The Verge about it. I had completely forgotten that the team behind Wunderlist was making a new to-do app. I used to use Wunderlist many years ago before it was acquired by Microsoft and it was one of my favorite to-do apps. Superlist looks pretty great, but I uninstalled it about 10 minutes after downloading it.

I realized I was about to repeat the same mistake I’ve made over and over again. I was about to evaluate another to-do app. I was about to dream about how much more productive it would make some aspect of my life. I envisioned how much more writing I would do by having things organized in a new system. I thought about how I’d structure the lists and how Superlist would boost my productivity. I did all that within 10 minutes, and then I remembered all the time I was going to invest in learning Superlist and integrating my tasks into it could be spent writing. So… I long-pressed the beautiful app icon and tapped Uninstall.

I think it’s a beautiful app and because it’s made by some of the same team behind Wunderlist, I’m confident it will make some people more productive. I’m just not one of those people, because I’m one of those people. Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step. This time, I caught it early and wrote this post instead of going down the dark alley of productivity porn.

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