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There are times when nothing that’s easily available meets the unique combination of a designer’s functional need while simultaneously satisfying the designer’s form need. Many designers are also makers . It is a special type of satisfaction when you need an item, none of the off-the-shelf options check your various boxes and you decide to craft your own.

Custom made no soliciting sign.Custom made no soliciting sign.

We have a sign at our front door to attempt to prevent solicitations.1 I’ve never liked the sign, other than the fact it was made out of wood vs. the plastic or sticker ones you see being sold at home improvement stores. They’re all ugly and they look like something displayed outside a business. I wanted something simple and nicely designed for our home.

After thinking about how I’d achieve something better, I’m as far along as the picture above. A few minutes in Figma, big bold Montserrat making the emphatic statement, some cardstock and about 45 minutes with an Exacto knife, hole punch and painters tape. I’ll pickup a can of fudge brown spray paint and a coat or two later it will be done and up on the wall next to my front door. Designed and made; on to the next adventure. I’ll post a picture of the finished product as an edit to this post.

EDIT: Here’s the finished product.

No soliciting sign completedNo soliciting sign completed

  1. We’ve lived in our home for almost 7 years now. Since this neighborhood was a new development in an area of Florida that has exploded with rapid urban development”, we get more solicitation of services and products than anywhere I’ve ever lived previously. There’s no regard for the sign at the front of the community that informs sales people that they shouldn’t be there. Nobody cares.↩︎

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