The Life-Changing Power of Shutting Up

I found this great post by Nate Dickson while reading the great Issue 274 of the Dense Discovery newsletter.

The post reminded me that last year I’d read about and wanted to try an extended period of no complaining”. I’d even considered making it one of my monthly doing without” experiments. This paragraph is perfectly distilled:

So instead of expressing my anger, or bottling it up, I’m trying to let it evaporate. I imagine that anger is a substance, move it away from my heart, let it evaporate off my skin, sublimate away. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be a part of me.

There was a great mind trick I’d read about where you place a bracelet on one wrist and anytime you catch yourself complaining, you move it to the other wrist. You move it back at the start of the next day. The goal is to get to 21 days of not moving it over. This is from the book and movement created by Will Bowen. His website is a little to aggressive sell” for my tastes, and while the purple no complaining” bracelets he’ll ship you are a statement, I just got a couple of plain white silicone wristbands from Amazon that play to my minimalist design tendencies. While I’ve set out to have year long without” themes in 2024, I think I’ll dig out the white bands and give it a go one month.

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2024 Feb·05

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