June Travels

In June, I took three trips. First to Cocoa Beach with the family after dance recital weekend, then a one-day trip to St. Louis for work and last my wife and I had a getaway for the last couple of days of June. It was wonderful to spend time just the two of us. As parents of a large family, we rarely get that opportunity. We stayed in St. Augustine and ventured down to Marineland Beach, which we’d never visited before. It’s a beautiful beach and is unique due to the rock features along the shore. Cocoa Beach, our default family beach trip destination, is completely different even though it’s just down the Florida east coast from Marineland.

While I only posted to the blog once in June, all of this time away from home and my daily routines offered a lot of deep thought time. Those thinking sessions fuel future writing sessions, so I’m grateful to have had the time and opportunity to have them.

Here’s a few photos from the three trips:

Cocoa Beach sunset.Cocoa Beach sunset.

Evening take off from St. Louis.Evening take off from St. Louis.

Nightfall was gorgeous on this flight.Nightfall was gorgeous on this flight.

Marineland beach.Marineland beach.

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