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I’m sure I’ll have more to share in my Year in Coffee 2023 post, but the quick update is that I found myself in need of a new grinder. The grinder that I’d been using for 6+ years started to have some critical failure indications, so rather than waiting until it burst into flames or finding metal shavings in my grounds, I pulled the trigger on a replacement.

The timing couldn’t have better, since Fellow just released a new conical burr grinder called the Opus. It is a unique entry in that it does grinds fine enough for espresso all the way up to coarse enough for cold brew. This versatility is exactly what I found myself looking for, since I make drinks in that full range and greatly prefer freshly ground beans for all of them. I also had a 20% coupon code that made the expenditure a little easier to justify as well. While I didn’t want to spend on any coffee gear, the increase in functionality and needing another 6 years of reliability in my setup made the decision clear.

The product page speaks for itself, and there are tons of great video reviews on YouTube that get into the nitty gritty details of the grinder’s pros/cons. I can say it looks great on the countertop next to the Fellow EKG kettle I use. The Fellow design language is one I appreciate for it’s understated, minimalist aesthetic.

Fellow Opus grinderFellow Opus grinder

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