Declutter Challenge (Jan 2023) — Part 2

Here’s the daily log for the second half of January’s declutter challenge. The only space I didn’t hit (that would have really helped hit the daily goal numbers) was the garage. I won’t be tracking on a daily basis, but the effort will continue into February and March. Considering this the Declutter Quarter”.

  • January 15 - I cleared out more read-later app articles and deleted old notes from the Notes app I no longer needed.
  • January 16 - Not much in the way of decluttering, but had an amazing breakfast with my dad this day.
  • January 17 - Got rid of an old outdoor camera system and threw out 20 old door and window sensors that were prone to fault. Decluttered and secure.
  • January 18 - Went through my cords bin in the office closet and eliminated a bunch of micro USB and other port types I don’t have many of around the house.
  • January 19 - Today is the day that my wife’s side of the closet collapsed. It wasn’t her fault. The shelves weren’t installed properly, but now they are. This connects to decluttering because she weeded out a portion of her clothes she no longer felt value in keeping.
  • January 20 - I’ve fallen off in the last several years when it comes to pruning my text messages. I just let them fall to the bottom of a list I never scroll through. Today I went back and deleted hundreds of old text convos I no longer needed to have in an endless scroll in Messages.
  • January 21 - Not much decluttering today.
  • January 22 - Threw out several boxes from Christmas decorations that were getting organized into the garage for 11 month storage.
  • January 23 - Deleted 100 shortcuts from the Shortcuts app that I no longer use.
  • January 24 - Another cord cleanse. Not 24 cords discarded, but what I have left is what I actually need.
  • January 25 - Last of the electronic declutter. More cords (yes, I know… WTF) and two old alarm units that I don’t think anyone will buy.
  • January 26 - Not much decluttering this day, but did organize so that things have their place in the office closet.
  • January 27 - Deleted tons of files no longer needed from my cloud storage and phone.
  • January 28 - Cleared my podcasts queue out. There were many back episodes of shows that I didn’t need to keep around since if I was going to listen to them, I would have by now.
  • January 29 - Busy Sunday with the kids, so no decluttering of note.
  • January 30 - Sold off a pair of kids shoes that were still in great shape, but that was it.
  • January 31 - While I had plans to end the month super strong, I had a busier than expected day at work and didn’t end up throwing away 31 items from the garage. Good thing this game isn’t limited to a single month.
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