Another Year of Living Without

Last year, I did a series of experiments where I’d do without something for a month. I skipped a couple of months at the end of the year, but overall I enjoyed what I learned in the process. In the end, only a few things stuck as long-lasting habits. The goal was never to take a monthly theme and apply it forever, but it does have me taking inventory of what lasted longer than a month and why the majority subsided before year end.

I’m going to take January to decide what the monthly without themes” will be for this year. Some months may be repeats from last year and some will be new things to trial going without. This year I’ll try to be more intentional regarding how doing without something opens the time or space for something else. For example, no phone in bed to open more time for reading before sleep.

I’ll write more about it before the end of the month.

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2024 Jan·02

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